A Cypress Tree Has No Shadow

In a Palestinian refugee camp in modern-day Lebanon, a young Englishwoman working there discovers a criminal ring engaged in the illegal trafficking of human organs taken from children.

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You illustrated the Middle Eastern culture like a native. (A Cypress Tree Has No Shadow) showed how complicated the region and the conflict are—the mistrust towards foreigners, women issues, human rights issues…Sometimes, you can’t save the people you love & life can be cruel.
Dina Mousa
Egyptian immigrant, novelist, screenwriter
A fantastically layered novel with genuine human connections at the heart of it. The diverse characters are rich, hypocritical, flawed, and well-rounded—as in life. The bonds they develop make for enthralling reading alongside a swooping plot…
J. Waller
Creative Writer/Copywriter, Bristol, UK
About the Author

Kevin Gerard Neill

Kevin Gerard Neill is a former U.S. soldier whose time in the military as a U.N. Peacekeeper in the Middle East and a period as a refugee relief worker in Croatia contributed to the evolution of the novel set In the Levant, A Cypress Tree Has No Shadow. Other Middle East fiction, Checkpoint 104, has appeared in The Bangalore Review. Along the way, he had a career in public health that ranged from working on childhood immunization programs to emergency public health preparedness and had journal articles on women’s health published in the United States and abroad. Kevin’s travels have also included several years living and working in the UK. He now resides in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.